Daily Archives: December 31, 2022

iPad with Magic Keyboard

When I was cleaning our office couple of days ago I found a Magic Keyboard. I always liked these, I had one years ago when I had a very old iMac (which was running OpenBSD at the time!)

I brought it home and connected it to my iPad. Looks like I have a new blogging station.

I’ve seen people who walk around with their iPads connected to a keyboard case. Some of these cases are very expensive.

While this is a very cheap solution, I would not recommend it to anyone, because you’d need a proper desk.

Unlike a laptop, which can be used while sitting in a corner of a hotel, even without a desk/table/chair. Just put it on your lap.

But then again, this might be a nice setup while on the move.

Actually, I’m writing this from my iPad+MagicKeyboard right now 🙂

And just like, see you all next year 😉

That’s all folks…

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