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Antranig Vartanian

October 26, 2023

The following happened in a group chat (technically, XMPP Multi-User Chat)

<inky> @antranigv, looks like the sarian website is broken again

<antranigv> @inky, fixed! It was an SSL/TLS certificate issue

<inky> @antranigv, It seems that now, the bot that cross-posts the submissions from sarian to here is not working

<antranigv> Looks like there’s an issue with Ruby. I have to upgrade it

<tigran> This is how the robot revolution begins!

<inky> If we are going to "do it", it will end just like it starts: one robot will fail because of SSL, the other because of a wrong version of ruby.

I’ve been ROFLing for 3 minutes now… xD


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