One of the nice things (that used to be) about macOS is how much unix is underneath, but this has been less true each year.

Like any normal human being, I do my development on a real Unix system, FreeBSD. I ended up using FreeBSD VMs that have NFS exports, and I mount those on my macOS. However, there have been issues with Catalina, here’s the main problem:

mount | grep 'map auto_nfs_antranigv'  | wc -l

So for some reason in Catalina you can’t do nested mounts, because auto_nfs_antranigv was mounted in /Users/antranigv/nfs, which is inside /Users (also autofs’ed) it was duplicating and ended up eating a lot of CPU :)

Here’s the proper way of doing it

First, in /etc/auto_master add the following:

/System/Volumes/Data/netmount		auto_nfs_user

(you might want to change user to your username)

Then, create the following file → /etc/auto_nfs_user

Finally you can set your mounts, for example:

someoneelsecomputer	-fstype=nfs	cloudserver:/usr/home/sysadmin/cloud

here’s a complete example:

antranigv@zvartnots:~ $ cat /etc/auto_master
# Automounter master map
+auto_master			# Use directory service
#/net				-hosts		-nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
/home				auto_home	-nobrowse,hidefromfinder
/System/Volumes/Data/nfs	auto_nfs_antranigv
/Network/Servers		-fstab
/-				-static
antranigv@zvartnots:~ $ cat /etc/auto_nfs_antranigv
illuria-dev	-fstype=nfs illuria-dev:/usr/home/antranigv/illuria
devbsd-src	-fstype=nfs devbsd00:/usr/src

Now I’m happy! :)