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Bookmarklets are amazing, still

I don’t remember the first bookmarklet that I’ve used, but as far as I can tell, I’ve never stopped using them.

One of the nicest things of WordPress on iOS is that I can use 3D touch to write a post instantly.

Yet, somehow, I’ve been using a typical bookmark on my computer. So I’d click on the bookmark, which would open my WordPress instance, then I’d click on Add New Post.

Even if I had the Add New Post page bookmarked, it would be “somewhere” on my screen.

But with a bookmarklet, I can make it a popup, which usually would center, and there would be no distractions as well. Just content.

I’ve been running my own instance of Lobsters for a while (at letstalk.netter.am) and one of the niceties is Lobsters’ bookmarklet to submit links.

I realized that I should use a bookmarklet for writing posts as well.

So here it goes.

javascript:{window.open("https://your.wordpress.blog/wp-admin/post-new.php", "NewPost", "popup");void(0)}

And just like that, I can write a new post instantly, as I did right now 🙂

Technically, the first argument can be any URL that you wanna have front and center. Hope this helps you to write/blog/tweet more.

That’s all folks…

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Flickr’s Uploads from everyone from The Future

I like using RSS, I have Miniflux running in a FreeBSD Jail all the time. Lately I noticed that it’s not very handy to open up Flickr every hour to see photos by my friends, so I decided to use their RSS feed.

First of all, I’m so happy that Flickr provides an RSS feed, it’s an amazing standard and I wish more websites and services implemented it, or at least, not remove it 🙂

So I go to Norayr’s Flickr page, and since Firefox removed RSS I do Ctrl-U to see the page source. I search for the term RSS and I find nothing, I search for atom and I find a link!

I copy the link and I add it to my Miniflux feeds. I hit refresh and I see the following.

Okay, so looks like those are photos… from everyone… on Flickr… from the future.

I KNOW that my time is synced, because I always have NTP running. After some digging, I figured that those posts ARE from the future. Flickr calls them “scheduled” posts.

Doing a little more digging, and I realize that I did not copy the full link with id=norayr's_id and now I’m seeing everyone’s feeds.

That’s all folks! 🙂

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